Barrell, Croatia

“I was honored to work with Bas during his 6 day consulting in our restaurant in Croatia. We completely fell in love with his passion about Gelato and natural ingredients. Making a pure and natural base with extraordinary flavours is the right way to loyal customers and sustainable business. Our staff has attended a lot of international education programs, but I would say that we all have learned more than ever in this short consulting. We are excited to meet him again.”

Sesvete, Croatia


Barrell B&B & Restaurant

L'Oasis, Hanoi

“Bas, you’re a true professional, thank you for everything!”

Hanoi, Vietnam


L’Oasis Gelateria

Queen's Gardens, Saba

“For 2,5 years, Bas was a staff member in the Hotel and our very own Gelato maker on site. With his knowledge and creativity, he has created a lot of interesting combinations for our guests and the rest of the island. How many other Gelato makers can say that they served their Gelato to the King and Queen of the Netherlands?”

Saba, Dutch Caribbean


Queen’s Gardens Resort

IJsmaker Jeroen, Maasluis

“Enthusiastic and passionate from the heart about the product. Bas has adjusted himself rapidly to our shop. Also according to our staff he is ‘a pleasure to work with’. You know your shop is in good hands when he is there.”

Maassluis, The Netherlands


De IJsmaker Jeroen

Quattro Si

“I had the opportunity and the pleasure to learn with Bas van Haaren on two occasions: once as being member of a group of future gelatieres (basic and intermediate levels) and for the second time as an individual learner in Bologna. In both cases Bas proved to be an excellent teacher with an exceptional ability to transfer his knowledge. He is well educated, very polite, full of tact: a real gentleman. Thanks to his empathy towards his students Bas is often able to answer their questions before they even ask them.”

Pruszków, Poland


Quattro Si

Gelato Factory

“Knowledge, experience, vision, determination and flexibility in combination with an engaging personality. See here a few of the most important features that Bas has added to the business. A successful partnership which tastes for more.”

Antwerp, Belgium


Gelato Factory

Fijnzoet, Kruibeke

“Knowledge, experience, vision, determination and flexibility in combination with an engaging personality. See here a few of the most important features that Bas has added to the business. A successful partnership which tastes for more.”

Kruibeke, Belgium


Fijnzoet Gelateria

Amarena, Madrid

​”It has been a year since Bas helped me to set up my gelato shop. He helped me to choose the right equipment, ingredients and gave me great ideas and recipes. If you are looking for a great partner to help you to start your gelato business, do not to hesitate to contact him.”

Madrid, spain


Gelateria Amarena

Torino Woerden

“Bas is a true craftsman and lives up to the appointments and promises he makes. With his huge knowledge and enthusiasm, Bas is the perfect choice to help you with big and small Gelato related problems.”

Woerden, The Netherlands


Ijssalon Torino

Mammi's Denmark

“We knew Bas from our course at Carpigiani Gelato university, where Bas was our teacher. To us it was obvious that Bas knew everything about Gelato and that he had put his soul into it. Then we asked him to come to Denmark. He gave us so many good advises, which we would not have found out by ourselves. Thanks to Bas we are happy to say, that here 2 months after our opening, Aarhus in Denmark took our Gelato to their heart. We also learned that you must put your own soul into the Gelato, if you want to become a success. We are on our way! So we can´t thank Bas enough!! The master of Gelato.”

Århus, Denmark


Mammi's Gelato

Cream Craft, India

“We first met Bas at Gelato University, Bologna where he taught us the Basic course. Of course, the one week course was not enough to start a kitchen. So we approached him to help us set our recipes. Bas helped us select the best ingredients from local suppliers and worked out great recipes. He took time out to teach us the balancing technique and practical tips on how to run the kitchen and shop. He not just gave us recipes, but also the skills to try out new ones. Even after his assignment, Bas is always available on call or chat to answer all queries and help out with recipes.”

Kochi, India


Cream Craft Gelato

Cucina Francesca

“The enthusiasm and professionally in which Bas has introduced us in the art of making Italian Gelato has paid of: many visitors of the cooking studio already bought a Gelato machine and are improving their skills at home. Grazie Mille!”

Zevenbergen, Netherlands


La Cucina Francesca

Gimme, Berlin

“​Bas was a great Support to develop my vision to create a new gelato culture. We met first time in Bologna @ gelato University. He was a great support while planning the lab & product development. I am very happy that he still accompanies with team Gimme gelato with his great know-how, effort & passion.”

Berlin, Germany


Gimme Gelato

Eiszeit, Switzerland

“Bas was our teacher at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna were we attended the intermediate course. We experienced Bas as an amazing teacher who explains complex things in an easy way. In every moment you can feel and see that gelato is Bas‘ passion and not just his job. Due to the experience we have made in Bologna we decided to work with Bas in our own shop in Switzerland and benefit from his vast amount of experience and expertise before the opening of our new gelateria. He helped us also to find the best suppliers, the best products and most importantly to refine our recipes and production process. If you are about to start your gelato business then we highly recommend Bas as your gelato consultant!”

Galgenen, Switzerland


Eiszeit Gelato

Penguin's Parlour Cyprus

“Bas is knowledgeable, well-structured and thorough as a person and has a secure sense of what is required to have success in the Gelato-business. He has assisted us on site with the opening of Penguin’s Parlour in Cyprus, and his services are highly recommended.

Carambola, Leuven

“Bas was key in helping us  get our gelato business started. He gave us the kind of advice it takes months if not years to acquire if trying to get started on your own. From getting the right equipment to helping develop innovative flavors his assistance was priceless. I thoroughly recommend his consultancy service.

Leuven, Belgium