Online consulting
Online consulting
Various possibilities
for online consulting
I offer a variety of online solutions when onsite trainings are not possible
Online Gelato Training packages
Other online solutions
Unlimited advice for a three, six or twelve month period

Starting from €39,- a month.
Are you struggling with your recipe? Send it to me and I’ll fix it!

Starting from €45,-
Recipe Book
When you only wish to receive recipes, you can receive your personally made recipe book in PDF. Mix and match the flavours you like and I’ll do the rest

Starting from €45,-
If you like one or more of the online videos from the training packages, you can order them separately. The videos take about one hour each and include handouts.

Introduction in Gelato / Milk Gelato balancing – The Basics / Fruit Sorbets and balancing / Sugar substitutes & low GI Gelato / Milk Gelato balancing – Advanced / Vegan Gelato and creamy Sorbets

Starting from €65,-
Check the boxes of your interest, tell me who you are and I’ll get back to you