Bas van Haaren
Gelato consulting

My name is Bas van Haaren, global Gelato consultant. You might be thinking of opening your Gelato business and you’re looking for assistance in that process. Or perhaps you’re in search to refine your knowledge and skills in some particular Gelato topics to bring your products to a higher level. In those cases I can be at your service.

Literally growing up in a pastry shop owned by my parents in the Netherlands, I was always surrounded by sweets. My Gelato adventure began in 2002 when I started working in our local Gelato shop ‘Toetie Froetie’ in Breda, the Netherlands. There I discovered the beauty of the art of producing artisan Gelato. Year in and out I worked there every summer during my high school and Bachelor career. After studying Marketing Management and a three year backpacking adventure around the world, I went to the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna to increase my knowledge of Gelato. After that I started my Gelato career working in various locations around the world, such as Estonia and the Caribbean where I had the honor to serve my Gelato to the Dutch Royal Family. That brought me back to Europe where I started working for Carpigiani as one of their teachers.

These days, I very much enjoy teaching courses for Carpigiani along with assisting Gelato entrepreneurs all around the globe in their journey to create the best Gelato business.

Working only with the best, raw, pure and tasteful ingredients, combined with the best equipment and love and passion for the product, I very much believe to be your right partner in either creating or improving your business