Full package Gelato training
The Full Package combines both the basic and advanced training for a reduced price in three stages.


Text book. Written by Bas van Haaren

Covering the topics:

  • History of Gelato
  • Deep explanation on the raw materials used in Gelato
  • The synergy of the four elements
  • The production cycle
  • Milk Gelato balancing
  • Fruit Sorbet balancing
  • Profitability simulations for three different business models
  • Vegan Gelato
  • Infusions
  • Sugar substitutes & low GI Gelato
  • In-depth calculations such as freezing curve and ice fraction
  • All necessary equipment and supplies to open a business

Six theoretical online videos

The videos take about one hour each and include handouts.

  • Introduction in Gelato
  • Milk Gelato balancing – The Basics
  • Fruit Sorbets and balancing
  • Sugar substitutes & low GI Gelato
  • Milk Gelato balancing – Advanced
  • Vegan Gelato and creamy Sorbets

Two, one hour live video calls

These one-two-one live video consultings give you the opportunity to ask additional questions about the courses.

When you decide to book a physical consulting after the online course, you will receive a discount of 15% on the consulting daily fee. The online videos are viewable for 14 days after purchase. The handouts remain.