Advanced Gelato training
This advanced online training continues where the first one ended, giving you tools to go deeper into the world of Gelato and to start your own business. The course covers the basic topics in three stages.


Text book. Written by Bas van Haaren

Covering the topics:

  • Profitability simulations for three different business models
  • Vegan Gelato
  • Infusions
  • Sugar substitutes & low GI Gelato
  • In-depth calculations such as freezing curve and ice fraction
  • All necessary equipment and supplies to open a business

Three theoretical online videos

The videos take about one hour each and include handouts.

  • Sugar substitutes & low GI Gelato
  • Milk Gelato balancing – Advanced
  • Vegan Gelato and creamy Sorbets

One hour live video call

This hour of one-two-one live video consulting gives you the opportunity to ask additional questions about the course.

When you decide to book a physical consulting after the online course, you will receive a discount of 15% on the consulting daily fee. The online videos are viewable for 14 days after purchase. The handouts remain.