What people say


  • We first met Bas at Gelato University, Bologna where he taught us the Basic course. Of course, the one week course was not enough to start a kitchen. So we approached him to help us set our recipes. As usual, our kitchen was nowhere near ready when Bas arrived, but he was sporting enough to roll up his sleeves and help us put it in place, and work through power outages, civil works, etc. Bas helped us select the best ingredients from local suppliers and worked out great recipes. He took time out to teach us the balancing technique and practical tips on how to run the kitchen and shop, both time-savers and money-savers. He not just gave us recipes, but also the skills to try out new ones. Even after his assignment, Bas is always available on call or chat to answer all queries and help out with recipes.
    Cream Craft
  • Bas is a true craftsman and lives up to the appointments and promises he makes. With his huge knowledge and enthusiasm, Bas is the perfect choice to help you with big and small Gelato related problems.
    Woerden, Netherlands
    IJssalon Torino
  • Hello Bas, This is Andrew Maloni. In January early this year I did an intermediate gelato course at Carpigiani in Bologna, just before the Sigep expo. You were our instructor and I am from Australia. I would just like to tell you that I have opened up a Gelato shop today and like to say thanks for your teaching and to let you know. Thanks again​,​ Andrew.
    Melbourne, Australia
    Lunigiana Gelateria
  • Dear Bas, Everybody who you met here is greeting you and we all hope to see you sometime back in our little community. You helped me growing in the world of Gelato and I am thankful for that. It was good to work together and i will miss you man! Berti​
    Palkonya, Hungary
    Engelbert Fagylalt
  • From the 20. to the 23. of March 2017, we had the pleasure to learn from Bas V. Haarens´s skills in our new shop in Denmark. Even though we had too many challenges with machines not working and wrong equipment, Bas came anyway and took up the challenge. We knew Bas from our course at Carpigiani Gelato university, where Bas was our teacher. To us it was obvious that Bas knew everything about Gelato and that he had put his soul into it. He was a great, competent and funny teacher, who never made a lesson boring. Obvious that he also has a great perfection to Gelato. My daughters school stay in Rome, where we enjoyed a mecca of Gelato shops, resulted in this  Gelato course in Italy, and finally our idea slowly became reality. We found a location, we found suppliers, we found the right machines, but how could we “find the skill” to make the best Gelato….. So I had to contact Bas! “You are the best – the master of Gelato, please come to Denmark”.  And he did!  And thanks god, that he did, because Bas supplied us with all his best knowledge. He gave us so many good advises, which we would not have found out by ourselves. Thanks to Bas we are happy to say, that here 2 months after our opening, Aarhus in Denmark took our Gelato to their heart. We only get 5 stars recommendation and too many people write that we make the BEST gelato in Aarhus in Denmark. Due to the fact, that an Italian guy with 4 shops in Aarhus area, these comments make us very happy and give us a very peaceful feeling about future. But we also learned that you must put your own soul into the Gelato, if you want to become a success. We are on our way! So we can´t thank Bas enough!!  The master of Gelato.
    Århus, Denemarken
    Mammi's Gelato
  • "Bas travelled all the way to Aruba for a ten day stint during which he managed to assist in setting up the Gelato lab and set up of our first store, train our store staff and dedicate much time with our lab staff. Creating some fantastic flavors which are still best sellers 18 months later. Amazing achievement. I recommend Bas to anyone that needs some help with their Gelato business, except for my competitors.. :-)" William van Ramshorst
  • “Enthusiastic and passionate from the heart about the product. Bas has adjusted himself rapidly to our shop. Also according to our staff he is 'a pleasure to work with'. You know your shop is in good hands when he is there.” De ijsmaker Jeroen en Jolanda
    Maassluis, Netherlands
  • “Thanks for your presentation and everything at the exhibition!" Maria Loizou
    Nicosia, Cyprus
  • "I would like to thank you for your great job during EXPO SWEET exhibition. It was a pleasure to see how you played on MISTER ART. The sticks, torts and cakes were amazing!" Piotr Lamenta
    Warschau, Poland
  • "I had the opportunity and the pleasure to learn with Bas van Haaren on two occasions: once as being member of a group of future gelatieres (basic and intermediate levels) and for the second time as an individual learner in Bologna. In both cases Bas proved to be an excellent teacher with an exceptional ability to transfer his knowledge. He is well educated, very polite, full of tact: a real gentleman. Thanks to his empathy towards his students Bas is often able to answer their questions before they even ask them. In the very noble sense of the word Bas loves „serving” the cause of teaching which also means „serving” the interests and needs of his students. As an ex-teacher I would like to underline this latter as one of the most important factors in this profession. And last but not least his delicate sense of humour - which is present all the time during the courses – gives the impression to his students that the process of learning gelato making is… easy." Peter Bertoti
    Warschau, Poland
  • "For 2,5 years, Bas was a staff member in the Hotel and our very own Gelato maker on side. With his knowledge and creativity, he has created a lot of interesting combinations for our guests and the rest of the island. How many other Gelato makers can say that they served their Gelato to the King and Queen of the Netherlands?" Claire and Hidde Verbeke
    Queen's Gardens Resort
    Saba, Dutch Caribbean
  • Bas, a real PITP (patient, involved teacher and professional) with a 100% dedication that doesn't step aside from challenges. And besides that: a pleasing person to work with.
    IJscentrum Wageningen
    Wageningen, Netherlands
  • The enthusiasm and professionally in which Bas has introduced us in the art of making Italian Gelato has paid of: many visitors of the cooking studio already bought a Gelato machine and are improving their skills at home. Grazie Mille!
    La Cucina Francesca
    Zevenbergen, Netherlands
  • "Knowledge, experience, vision, determination and flexibility in combination with an engaging personality. See here a few of the most important features that Bas has added to the business. A successful partnership which tastes for more." Herman Tackaert
    Gelato Factory
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Bas was indispensable when we started our first gelateria.  His strong gelato experience and customer service background made decision-making much easier and his help in training the staff was thoughtful and, above all fun!
    Mama Toni Gelato
    Pärnu, Estland