Learn the art of


Full startup


There is a long path to cross between your first idea of being a Gelatiere and the actual opening. I can assist you during this process in various fields such as: finding the right ingredients & equipment, set-up of the lab and training your staff.

The consulting agreement is divided into three phases:

1. The pre-opening phase:
In this phase, we will define the type of business you have in mind, necessary equipment and & ingredients you will need and where to get those.

2. The consulting phase:
During this period, the actual theory and practical training takes place at your own premises. Testing the lab and recipes, training the staff and get ready for opening day.

3. The post-opening phase:
A three week period of online consulting is included after the actual opening to solve small issues related to the consulting agreement.




When you are seeking for more theoretical and practical experience in Gelato, we could organize a training at your own premises to increase efficiency. Production related topics could be: recipe balancing, optimize your base recipes, alcoholic gelato, savory gelato, gelato for restaurants, gelato for lactose intolerances, gelato with a low glycemic index (suitable for diabetics), and more. ​ Topics more sales related could be: Sales training in customer service, gelato serving techniques, baking your own cones, etc.

Online- or Skype consulting
When a physical training is not an option, there is the possibility for long distance consulting over Skype or phone.